• Yahoo Vs Google for Australian Small Business Marketing Pie

    It seems Yahoo is pitting its pay-per-click search advertising to go head-to-head with search leader Google to try and capture a larger slice of Australian small business marketing dollars. Last month Google announced its own version of the Stimulus Package by offering up to $75 worth of pay-per-click advertising to new customers. Not to be […]

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  • Australia cracks down on greenwashing in advertising

    Marketing Mag recently reported that the Australian Association of National Advertisers (or AANA for short) will be introducing a new standard for advertisers making green claims. Their news article outlined how the scheme, called the Environmental Claims Advertising and Marketing Code, will aim to ensure consumers are not being misled by companies trying to greenwash […]

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  • How to use online video to promote your small business

    While you might have read a lot about how online video has exploded this past year, you might not have realised that all businesses, large and small, can afford to use web video as a marketing medium. Video can help you promote your business by connecting with viewers, letting them engage with your brand, your product and your […]

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  • Online marketing budgets skyrocket around the globe

    While print and TV advertising may never really fade away, they’ve certainly suffered a major decline in power and revenue in recent years. While many would claim the current global economic crisis may be partially sapping advertising funds normally earmarked for these mediums, there’s little doubt that fresher technologies – more specifically the internet and […]

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  • Building succesful eCommerce websites

    While only a handful of our Soul Arch Media & Marketing clients run eCommerce sites, or web stores as I’ll refer to them in this blog article, I just wrote an extensive 8,000-word feature story really delving into the subject for the latest issue of Australian Surf Business Magazine. Although with such a massive word […]

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  • Go Aussies! Using video to spur patriotism (and brand affiliation) before the Olympics.

    Seems every man and his dog is launching some form of Olympics-inspired ad campaign, but not many can match an oldie but a goodie that’s been wildly successful for over twenty years by Australian telecommunications giant Telstra. Called ‘Testra Hero Messages’, what started as a simple way to send telegrams offering best wishes to sporting […]

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  • Looking for Gold Coast real estate? View a video tour.

    Looking for property on the Gold Coast? Spending all your spare time inspecting houses that aren’t suited to your needs? Then let video do the hard work for you – you can ‘tour’ hundreds of prospective properties without leaving the comfort of your own home. These days nearly every major real estate website is starting […]

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  • Adding online video to interactive real estate and travel industry maps

    I was reading an online post today about how a company called Maps Alive are taking the interactive map thing a step further than google maps (which is also an amazing product, don’t get me wrong!) by allowing users to attach video to any map, floor plan, or diagram, with a video player popping up when users hover their cursor over certain […]

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  • Are you up-to-speed with the next generation of marketing techniques and web 2.0?

    There’s a common saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. While this may be true for canines, it’s never too late for any human to adopt new practices or discover fresh innovations – no matter what age. Since companies are only clusters of humans (well, usually) it stands to reason they can […]

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  • Making a Gold Coast cause an international story with online video

    As part of Soul Arch Media & Marketing’s ongoing commitment to our local Gold Coast community (and not-for-profits from any region) we’ll be donating one marketing project per month to a worthy cause. It may be an online video production or a DVD project or a series of PR news releases, it all depends on the organisation’s […]

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